How to Adopt a New Family Member

Interested in adopting from us? Come on down and see who is currently looking for a new home! Staff can assist you with any questions you may have while you are here. 


Can I foster an animal?

                No, unfortunately we are unable to allow animals to be fostered.

Can I bring my current pets up to meet a potential new family member?

Yes! We encourage you to bring your current pets in order to make sure everyone will get along. We have an outdoor pen devoted to introductions and would be more than happy to help!

Will the animal be spayed/neutered prior to adoption?

Most of our animals get spayed/neutered prior to adoption, however sometimes we have a large number of animals and a low amount of space at spay/neuter clinics where we get our animals fixed, therfore there is a slight possibility that the animal you are interested in adopting may not be altered at time of adoption.

Does the animal shelter provide services to spay/neuter the animal after adoption?

No, once the animal has been adopted it is the responsibility of the new owner to provide all veterinary care.

Can I place a hold on an animal while I make a decision whether or not to adopt?

Sure, we are able to place a 24 hour hold on an animal in contemplation to adopt. After the 24 hour period that animal will go back up for adoption.

What if things do not work out with our new pet?

After adopting an animal you may bring them back within 30 days of adoption. There will be no refund.  We would also love to try and assist with transitioning your new pet into your home and offering suggestions to make the change easier on both the owner and animal.  Feel free to call any time with questions or concerns.

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