Other Licenses

Bingo/Gaming License
The City Clerk's office issues Bingo and Gaming Licenses. The fee for theBell Jarlicense is $25 per year. The fee for a bingo license is $18.75 per occasion of Bingo games. Games of Chance licenses are $25.00 per occasion.Please visit the Clerk's office for applications and more information.

Taxi Driver's License
The City Clerk issues a City License for anyone who drives a taxi. The fee for the licenses are $25 (new) for the first year and $20 (renewal) for each successive year. All Taxi licenses expire June 30th of each year. A license may be renewed anytime during the month of June. You must bring to the City Clerk's office the following:

  • Proof of a physical exam
  • Class E driver's license
  • 1photo will be taken by the Clerk for a fee of $5.00.
  • 3 references from persons who have known you over 1 year.

Taxi Owner's License
You must have a license to operate a taxi in the City of Elmira. Please bring proof of New York State Inspection on each taxi to be licensed. The fee is $20 per taxi, renewable each year in January and a certificate of Insurance showing coverage for vehicles must be submitted.

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