Code Complaints

Complaint Form
Submit a formal legal complaint against a property in the City of Elmira that is not in compliance with New York State or City of Elmira codes. An inspector will complete an inspection and issue citations for any violations found at the time of inspection. Complaints can be submitted anonymously.

If you do not provide sufficient details regarding the condition, we may not have enough information to conduct an inspection.

Complainant's Information

You MUST agree to the following terms

I understand that this is a legal complaint and that if I provide false information, I could be subject to criminal charges. I have not submitted this complaint for this residence before. I understand that repeatedly submitting the same complaint for the same property constitutes harassment and may subject me to criminal charges. I understand that an inspector will investigate the nature of my complaint through an inspection and that violations may be issued on the basis of my complaint. If I submit this complaint anonymously, I understand that certain identifiable information including my IP Address and the date and time of my complaint will be recorded, although my identity will remain anonymous unless I use this form in a manner that could subject me to criminal charges as described above.


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