Code Enforcement Personnel

Director of Code Enforcement / Superintendent of Buildings

Thomas Skebey

(607) 737-5694


Code Enforcement Officer

John McCracken

Building, Electrical, Plumbing Permits / Building Inspections

(607) 737-5718

8am-4pm M-F



Code Enforcement Officer

Jeffrey Dickinson

Property Maintenance Inspections / Code Complaints

(607) 737-5650

8am-4pm M-F

Council Districts 2nd 5th 6th



Code Enforcement Officer

Lawrence Bocage

Property Maintenance Inspections/ Code Complaints

(607) 737-5717

8am -4pm  M-F

Council Districts 1st 3rd 4th


Vacant Building and Rental Registration

Code Enforcement Officer

Michael Rangstrom  

(607) 737-5717

8am -4pm M-F



Electrical Inspector

Bill Cecchini

Electrical Inspections / Electrical Surveys

(607) 737-5705

12pm-4pm Monday, Wednesday, Friday



Permit Clerk

Julie Elwood

Building, Plumbing, Electrical, Demolition Permits / Plumbing Registry / City of Elmira Zoning Board of Appeals, City of Elmira Zoning Commission, City of Elmira Historic Preservation Commission.

(607) 737-5653

8:30am-4:30pm M-F


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