Parking Tickets

Traffic Tickets

Traffic Tickets are Unfiorm Traffic Tickets usually issued for moving and equipment violations under the New York State Vehicle and Traffic Law. The Elmira Police Department Traffic Bureau cannot assist with questions regarding traffic tickets issued by Police Officers. Any questions should be directed to Elmira City Court when you appear on the return date listed on your ticket.

Parking Tickets

Parking on streets and in lots in the City of Elmira is governed by City Ordinances.
Click here to read the Parking Regulations for the City of Elmira

Parking Violations will result in a ticket being issued by the Elmira Police Department or the City Parking Enforcement Officers.

Pay Parking Ticket Online

Click the button above to pay your parking ticket online with a credit or debit card. You must have the Ticket Number to pay your parking ticket online.

Pay Tickets by Mail

Send check or money order payable to the City of Elmira to:

Parking Violations Bureau
317 E. Church St.
Elmira, NY 14901

Pay Tickets at 312 Lake St

You can also pay tickets in person in the Traffic Bureau at 312 Lake St M-F 7:30AM to 3:00pm. Cash, check or credit card.

Mistakes are made in tracking down parking ticket offenders. If you have received a parking notice from the City of Elmira and you feel it is in error please either:

  • Fax the letter to (607) 732-6514 ATTN: Traffic Bureau
  • Mail to 317 E. Church St., Elmira, NY 14901 ATTN: Traffic Violations Bureau
  • Click here to send email (include the information from the letter)

Give us your vehicle information (such as make and model) and license plate number at the time the ticket was issued and we will research the matter. If you require us to contact you, please provide us with contact information and you will be notified.

How to Contest a Parking Ticket:
Contesting a parking ticket, in other words pleading "not guilty", requires appearance in Elmira City Court. Details as to the date and time of the scheduled appearance can be found on the bottom portion of the Parking Violation Information. You must personally appear in court on this date in order to contest a ticket.

If you have received an unpaid parking ticket notice in error:
Click here to email the Traffic Violations Bureau
Include important information such as the time and date of the infraction, your license plate number, and vehicle make and model. The Traffic Bureau will research the circumstances surrounding the ticket in question and will follow up with you regarding the ticket.

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