Sanitation & Garbage Collection

Garbage Collection
All residential properties in the City of Elmira receive garbage collection unless the property owner has filed an opt-out or exemption form in the Assessor's Office:

  • You can OPT IN anytime if you do not receive garbage collection and are not currently paying the fee and receiving the service. The City Chamberlain's office will pro-rate your fee for the remainder of the year.
  • You can OPT OUT anytime to eliminate the fee and garbage pickup. The City Chamberlain's office will pro-rate whatever amount you may or may not be due. You only need to file once but you must opt in to resume pick-up.
  • You can file an EXEMPTION by March 1st for 1 or more non-rentable and vacant units in a multi unit property. Inspection may be required. You must sign a form stating you will notify the City of any change in status for the non-rentable unit(s). Each unit for which you claim an exemption must have been empty for at least six months prior to March 1st.

The fee for garbage collection is $365 per unit per year and is billed and collected along with your City taxes. Commercial properties desiring garbage collection may opt-in by completing the opt-in form in the Chamberlain's Office.

Garbage Collection Schedule

Garbage collection begins at 3:00 am and continues until crews are finished around 11:00 am, including holidays. Please place your garbage at the curb no sooner than 12 hours before your pick up day. If you place your Garbage out before 12 hours, you may be cited by Code Enforcement

Click here for the pick up map to determine which day garbage is collected in your neighborhood. 

Residential Garbage Collection Guidelines

These guidelines have been developed to comply with Chemung County Solid Waste District regulations.

This is how your garbage should look by following these guidelines

  1. There is a six (6) bag limit each week, per unit. This includes solid waste only. ( Brush and organic material can not be placed in bages for pick up due to New York State DEC requirements.  These organic materials must be composted.)  ALL garbage must be in bags. The City does not accept loose solid waste in garbage cans.

    WINTER MONTHS: For our workers' safety, do not place solid waste and/or recycling bins on the snow banks. Place them in the driveway approach or in an area that has been shoveled.
    OOPS! Too many bags! More than 6 bags will be tagged with a sticker that informs you of the problem

  2. The weight limit for each solid waste bag is thirty pounds (30 lbs).

  3. Broken toys, empty oil cans, and flowerpots are to be placed in solid waste bags.

  4. The blue recycling bin is to be placed at the curb each week along with the solid waste bags.

    The blue bin should be placed out with your garbage each week -even if you have no recyclables

    Place flattened corrugated cardboard next to the blue bin.

  5. The only cardboard that is recyclable is "corrugated" (2 layers of cardboard with a wavy section between layers). The cardboard must be flattened and placed next to the blue recycling bin at the curb - unbound. All other cardboard is not recyclable and must be cut or broken down and placed in solid waste bags.

    The exception: pizza boxes are corrugated, but are considered food contaminated. Pizza boxes must be broken down and placed in solid waste bags.

    Cardboard should not be placed out in inclement weather.

  6. All metal cans must be rinsed out.

  7. Newspapers, magazines, be placed in the blue recycling bin. They do not need to be in a paper or plastic bag.

  8. Glass bottles are to be rinsed out. The labels may be left on. Do not put broken glass in recycling bins.

  9. Paint cans must have lids removed and the can must be empty and dry and placed in your solid waste bags.

  10. Disposing of garbage not generated from your property is illegal dumping and will be reported to the Elmira Police Department.
»Download and print a handout that explains the rules and regulations...
»more from the Chemung County Solid Waste Management District...

Carry-Out Permits for Elderly/Disabled
Individuals who are elderly or disabled and are unable to place garbage bags and bins at the curb, may apply for a Carry-Out Permit. After the individual provides proof of disability, garbage crews will pick up garbage from an agreed upon location outside the house instead of at the curb. To apply, contact Sanitation at (607)737-5750.

Landfill and Shredder Station
If you need to dispose of items that the City won't pickup, you can take it directly to the Landfill or Shredder Station yourself. The Chemung County Landfill is located on County Route 60 in the Town of Chemung and the Shredder Station is located on Lake Street, just North of Sullivan Street. Before you go, make sure you check the Chemung County Solid Waste Management website for instructions on where to take which items.  In general, household items go to the Shredder Station and construction and demolition materials go to the landfill, but check the website to be sure. The Chemung County Landfill and Shredder Station are operated by Casella Waste Systems and are not associated with the City of Elmira.

»Click here for a map to the Chemung County Landfill
»more from the Chemung County Solid Waste Management District...

Recycling Programs in Chemung County
Chemung County contracts with Cornell Cooperative Extension of Chemung County to manage specific recycling programs. Visit Cornell Cooperative Extension's website below for information on recycling and disposing of items such as: household hazardous wastes, used batteries and motor oil, electronics including computers, monitors, TVs, microwaves, etc, and appliances with Freon.

»Visit Cornell Cooperative Extension's Website for recycling programs...


Contact Sanitation Dept.

Sanitation Department (607) 737-5750  - 24 hours.

Superintendent: Cass Doane

Principal Account Clerk: Sue Fulkrod

Sanitation Supervisor: Charlie Tuning



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