Sewers Division

The City of Elmira Sewers Division assists the Chemung County Sewer Districts with the maintenance and repair of the sewer mains in Elmira, Southport, and West Elmira. Additionally, the City of Elmira, under contract with the Chemung County Sewer District, performs sewer locations and maintains engineering records. The Chemung County Sewer District owns all of the sanitary sewers in Chemung County. The City of Elmira is a contractor of Chemung County and is not responsible for sewer taxes and payments.

Billing and Maintenance:

Billing and Maintenance are the responsibility of the Chemung County Sewer District. Any questions about your bill should be directed to the Chemung County Sewer District at:

600 Milton Street
Elmira NY 14904
(607) 733-2887.

Issues with sewer maintenance should be directed to the Chemung County Sewer Districts Maintenance Shop:

Normal Work Hours:

  • Monday - Friday 8:00 am to 4:00 pm
  • CCSD Maintenance Shop: (607) 737-6223

After Hours and Weekends:

  • Non-Emergency Dispatch (607) 735-8600

What to do if you have Sewer Problems

The Chemung County Sewer District Policy Regarding Property Owner's Sewer Trouble/Complaint Calls is as follows:

Any party in the Sewer District who has a sewer problem, such as a blockage or slow drainage, shall be responsible to first contact a local sewer plumber of their choice to investigate the problem, In other words, call a plumber first, not the Sewer District or the City of Elmira.

The property owner is responsible for all costs and repairs associated with the resolution of any problem that occurs on their privately owned sewers.

If the plumber determines that the trouble is in the municipal sewer system, that which is maintained and operated by the District, then the plumber should contact the Districtís maintenance personnel who will investigate and make a determination as to responsibility. If the determination is made by District personnel that the problem is indeed to be the responsibility of the District, the plumber costs for that complaint may be paid for by the District.

Property owners are also reminded that all subsurface drainage fixtures must be protected by a backflow preventor, check valve, or shut-off valve to prohibit sewerage backup into these fixtures. This is a requirement of the New York State Building Code and of the Chemung County Sewer Districts. The Sewer Districts, or their agents, are not responsible for backflow of sewerage from the sewers into subsurface drainage fixtures.

Click here for the complete policy.

Any questions regarding the policy may be directed to the Administrative Offices of the Chemung County Sewer Districts at (607) 733-2887.

Storm Drains

The City of Elmira is responsible for the storm sewer system in the City of Elmira. These systems are designed to drain rainwater from the streets to prevent flooding. This system includes catch basins, storm pump stations, and creeks and streams.

Common occurrences with the storm sewer system that often results in flooding includes:

  • leaves covering the catch basin: this is easy for the property owner to resolve by raking debris from the top of the catch basin grates in your neighborhood
  • some catch basins are drywalls that are not hooked up to a storm main: during heavy rainfall they are not able to drain quickly enough and will result in temporary flooding. Water will drain in time.

If there appears to be a larger problem, such as a plugged storm line, please contact the Work Center at (607) 737-5750 or click here to send email.

Sanitary Sewer and Storm Sewer Annual Maintenance

The City of Elmira and the Chemung County Elmira Sewer District conduct annual maintenance on both the sanitary sewer system and the storm sewer system. This maintenance is intended to ensure continued operation of the systems. Minor inconveniences may result in maintenance on the sanitary sewer system. Flushing the line during routine maintenance may cause toilets to gurgle. If you do not have a backflow preventor, check valve, or shut-off valve on your fixtures as stated above, sewerage may backflow into your fixtures during these maintenance procedures.
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