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The Public Works Streets Division strives to maintain the city's streets and rights-of-way for the safety and security of the public. To report problems, please use our online forms at the right. Problems are only handled by Public Works if they are in the street or City's right-of-way, defined as the area from sidewalk to sidewalk. Other problems are the responsibility of the property owner. If you have questions please feel free to contact the Public Works Work Center at (607) 737-5750 or send an email to

Street Sweeping

The Department of Public Works aims to keep the City shining and clean at all times. Public Works Streets Division sweeps every day following the collection of your garbage, weather permitting. Streets are generally swept between the months of April and November.

Snow, Ice, and Salt Operations

The Department of Public Works works as quickly as possible during inclement weather to assure the safety and clearance of all city streets for the use of emergency vehicles and citizens.

As soon as snow, sleet or freezing rain starts to cause hazardous driving conditions, crews are deployed to remove the snow and immediately improve conditions. During the winter months, generally mid-November to mid-April, the Streets Division maintains snow watch shifts with several crew members covering the drive times -- 5am to 6pm, Monday through Friday. Off shifts are covered with other staff who work in conjunction with the Elmira Police Department to handle icy intersections.

Click here for a Citizen's Guide to Snow Removal

Street Paving

Each year the City of Elmira inspects the city streets to keep them up to the standards set by New York State. The goal of the citywide pavement program is to meet or exceed New York State goals. We also strive to stabilize pavement conditions as measured by the percentages of pavement in poor and fair condition and by the average surface condition rating at no worse than the 1986 statewide levels. We maintain higher volume roads to an overall higher condition level than lower volume roads. If you notice a pothole on your street or any street in the City of Elmira, please call or email the Work Center. The Department of Public Works will send out a crew to patch the pothole. Depending on the season, the pothole is patched with either temporary filling or permanent filling. If the pothole is patched temporarily, DPW will permanently patch the area when weather permits.


We strive to maintain a viable urban forest, by caring for a healthy and varied mix of tree species. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, urban canopies provide wildlife habitat, cooling and shade in the summer, and a measure of wind protection in the winter. If you feel a tree should be trimmed in the right-of-way adjacent to your property, please call or email the Work Center. The City will inspect your tree and property and determine the best course of action. (City policy is that healthy trees are not removed.)

Trees and Sewers

Slowly draining sinks and sluggish toilets may be an indication of clogged sewer lines, but don't be too quick to blame nearby trees for causing the problem. Tree roots only invade sewer lines that have already broken, most often due to earth settlement, dried joints, or age. Broken sewer lines or joints leak sewage into the ground, and adjacent roots, which need moisture and nutrients, soon invade the surrounding area and eventually the defective lines. They can enter the defective pipe and eventually block the flow of its sewerage.

In addition, studies show that roots from shrubbery planted around the house are the culprits more often than tree roots. Also, consider the fact that tree roots are rarely associated with water line problems, even though trees need water. The reason is that water lines are commonly made of cast iron, bolted together and designed not to break or leak. Sewer lines, particularly those older than 60 years old, are often made of clay tiles fitted together with mortar. Clay is fragile and eventually cracks due to soil settlement or earth tremors. Additionally, over time the mortar can deteriorate, and fall out of the joint. When these situations occur, tree roots may enter the line. However, a simple solution allows trees, shrubbery, and free flowing sewers to coexist:

Local home centers sell a product, often called “foaming root killer”, which when flushed down your toilet, kills tree and shrubbery roots on contact in the sewer line (without causing undue stress or damage to the tree or shrub.) This product is inexpensive and easy to use, and is effective for one to five years. Look for a brand without copper additives, as this is safer to use both for you and your plumbing system. Please follow the manufacturer’s instructions for use.

Problems can be prevented by:

  • Proper construction of new sewer lines, including the use of glued PVC, tight joints, and a firm soil base that won't settle unevenly.
  • Repair or replacement of defective sewers. Repeated root blockage may indicate a collapsed or badly damaged pipe.

Traffic Calming Measures

In 2008, the City began an initiative to lower speeds in residential areas through the installation of speed humps on targeted City streets. The first speed humps were installed on Mt. Zoar Street near the City line with the Town of Southport and on Garden Road, West of Hoffman Street. The Garden Road speed hump has been removed in order to study if temporary traffic calming measures have lasting effects.

The speed humps are made of recycled rubber, and are designed to slow vehicles to 20mph. Signage is in place to warn motorists of the new traffic calming techniques. The two humps will be monitored to gauge their effectiveness on Mt. Zoar Street, a higher-volume residential thoroughfare, and Garden Road, a lower-volume roadway. If successful, more speed humps will be installed around the City.

The rubber humps can be removed in winter to avoid damage from snow plows.

Streets Programs

Public Works Streets Division is responsible for the Dial-A-Truck and Furniture and Appliance Pickup Programs. For more information about these programs please call (607) 737-5750.


Streetwork Submission Site

The City also provides a Streetwork Submission Site to contractors.  This web page notifies the media, emergency services, and Public Works of pending street closures or work which otherwise impedes traffic.  It does not provide permission to close the street.  Contractors wishing to close a City street for any period of time must obtain permission from the Traffic Coordinating Board. For access to the site, please contact the Engineering Division.

Leaf Pickup
Each fall the City will collect leaves in bulk at the curb.  Residents may rake their leaves to the curb (but not into the street) for pickup by City crews.  The bulk pick-up program typically runs from late-October to early December.  Due to changes in State law, the City can no longer pick up bagged leaves at the curb for disposal at the landfill.  For excessive yard wastes, consider using the Dial-A-Truck program (register and pay at the City Clerk’s Office), or our compost site, located at the City Yards. We also recommend mulching the leave, studies have shown that is is beneficial to the lawn.

Christmas tree pickup is available for residents paying the sanitation fee. Beginning on December 26th, place your Christmas tree between the curb and the walk and Crews will pick up your tree. 

Christmas trees are chipped and mulch is available for citizens in the Spring. Please call the Work Center at (607) 737-5750 if you are interested in obtaining mulch for your landscaping.

Compost Facility

The City of Elmira maintains a compost facility at its Public Works site. 

The compost facility is open everyday from dawn to dusk.  Brush, yard waste, limbs, etc., can be dropped at the site free of charge.  The material is composted and made available free of charge to residents. 

Please note that the facility is monitored by cameras.  Illegal dumping will be prosecuted.

Compost facility may be closed during certain times for maintenance.

>>Click here for a map to the Compost Facility

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