Police Department Administration

Police Department Building
  1. Chief Kristen Thorne

    Kristen Thorne

    Chief of Police

    Chief Kristen Thorne joined the Elmira Police Department in November 2004. Chief Thorne is currently serving as first in command of the Elmira Police Department. Thorne is a graduate of Corning Community College having earned an AAS degree in Criminal Justice. Thorne is a Police Instructor in the fields of General Topics and Defensive Tactics. In the past, Thorne has served in the positions of K9 Handler, SWAT team Operator, Supervisor in the Detective Bureau, Officer in charge of the Drug Enforcement Unit and SWAT team Commander.

  1. Deputy Chief Scott Packard

    Scott Packard

    Deputy Chief

    Deputy Chief Scott Packard joined the Elmira Police Department in April of 2003. Deputy Chief Packard is a graduate of Horseheads High School and attended Rochester Institute of Technology. Deputy Chief Packard attended the Broome County Law Enforcement Academy. Deputy Chief Packard was promoted to Sergeant in 2011 and to Lieutenant in 2016 and has been a supervisor in both the investigative and patrol divisions of the Department. Deputy Chief Packard is a Police Instructor who specializes in the area of Evidence Processing and Photography, having trained over 100 NYS State Certified Evidence Technicians for more than 45 agencies across the state.

  1. Captain Christopher Osiecki

    Christopher Osiecki

    Commanding Officer

    Captain Christopher Osiecki joined the Elmira Police Department in 2008 and is currently the Commanding Officer of C platoon. Captain Osiecki studied Criminal Justice and Sociology at the University of Delaware and SUNY Cortland. Captain Osiecki is currently the head of the department's Field Training Evaluation Program and Aviation Unit (sUAS). Captain Osiecki is a Police Instructor and has run several Field Training Officer schools in Chemung County. Captain Osiecki also initiated the department's Social Media program and currently administers the department's Facebook page.

  1. Lieutenant Christopher Zelko

    Christopher Zelko

    Commanding Officer - C Platoon

    Capt. Christopher Zelko joined the Elmira Police Department in 2011 and was promoted to Sergeant in 2020. Capt. Zelko most recently served as the Officer in Charge of the Traffic Bureau. During his career, Capt. Zelko has served all three platoons as a patrol officer and as an Investigator in the Detective Bureau. Capt. Zelko served as a Sergeant in C Platoon from 2020 until 2022. Zelko has been a member of the SWAT Team since 2014 and is currently the SWAT Team Commander. Zelko is the Officer in Charge of the department's Community Response Team.  Zelko is an instructor in police general topics and oversees the firearms program for the department.  Zelko is a 2007 graduate of Horseheads High School and holds a Master's Degree in Criminal Justice

  1. Lieutenant Erica Lapierre

    Erica Lapierre


    Capt. Erica Lapierre joined the department in October 2007. During her career, Capt. Lapierre has served in the positions of Patrol Officer on all three platoons, as a medic for the SWAT team, and as an Investigator for the Detective Bureau assigned to Welfare Investigations. Capt. Lapierre is a certified Police General Topics Instructor, Field Training Officer, Domestic Violence Instructor, Evidence Tech, Bicycle Patrol Officer, and Critical Incident Debriefer.  

    Capt. Lapierre was promoted to Sergeant in 2020, Lieutenant in 2023 and Capt. in 2024. Capt. Lapierre has been the Commanding Officer of the Elmira Police Department’s A Platoon since 2022. Capt. Lapierre currently is a grant writer and manager for the department and serves on the department’s wellness committee, and is a department historian. Capt. Lapierre has received many college degrees including her Master’s Degree from Boston University in 2007. She was awarded her Ph.D. in Public Safety with a specialization in Criminal Justice in 2013. 

  1. Miller David - white male - brown hair - brown beard and mustache - police uniform - green eyes

    David Miller

    Commanding Officer - Detective Bureau

    Lt. David Miller started his law enforcement career in city of Macon, GA in 2007 as a patrolman before joining the Elmira Police Department in 2009.  Lt. Miller has worked on patrol until 2024, when he was assigned to the Detective Bureau as the Commanding Officer. Lt. Miller currently oversees the day-to-day operations of the Investigative Division of the Elmira Police Department. Lt. Miller is a Police General Topics Instructor, Firearms Instructor, Reality Based Training Instructor, Chemical Munitions and Impact Munitions instructor. Lt. Miller has been a member of the SWAT team since 2012 and currently is assigned the role of one of the Team Leaders. Lt. Miller was promoted to Sergeant in 2020 and Lieutenant in 2023. Lt. Miller holds an AAS in Criminal Justice from Broome Community College.