Elmira Compost Facility Spring Reminder

REMINDER: There is no bulk pickup of yard debris in the Spring. Bagged leaves, grass, and other wastes must be composted on site or taken to a local compost facility.

Please do not mow or blow grass clippings into the street, as they can clog street drains. All clippings should be removed or mulched in place. This applies to residents and contractors.



  • This program allows City residents to pay a $40 fee to have a City 6-wheel dump truck delivered to the front of their house. Residents can fill the truck’s bed with yard waste; the City will pick up the waste and compost the material.
  • For more information, please see http://www.cityofelmira.net/dial-a-truck

2.) Chemung County Compost Facility:

City residents are also allowed to take yard debris to the County compost facility located at Blostein Blvd. in Horseheads (behind Grand Central Plaza)

*All leaves were picked up in the fall with our leaf pick-up program, putting leaves or yard debris out in the spring affects our street sweeping.

Must have valid driver’s license or proof of residency