Daily Activity Log

Most of the events in the Daily Activity Log are entered and assigned by the Chemung County Communications Center as a result of a call received to 911 or the non-emergency number, 735-8600. The Elmira Police Department has no jurisdiction over the actions of 911 Dispatchers.

Daily Activity Logs are produced by the Elmira Police Department on a daily basis. In some cases, EPD staff may not be able to produce the logs on a timely basis.  If a link above is not working, please wait 24 hours and then try again.  If it still doesn’t work, please email the webmaster the specific dates that are not working and the files will be updated as soon as possible. PLEASE: Do not email the Police Department.


Daily activity logs provide the following information:

Blotter Number: the blotter number is the number assigned to the incident by the 911 dispatcher or the officer initiating the report. If an incident becomes a case, it is assigned a different Case Number.

Date/Time Received: the date and time that the incident was received and inputted into the system by a 911 dispatcher or an officer initiating the report.

Type of Call: each incident receives a classification to indicate to the officer responding what is taking place.

Unit: the vehicle that was originally dispatched to the incident.  Additional units may have been dispatched after the primary one.

Location- Post: the City of Elmira is divided into six posts for reporting and tracking purposes.

WSN: Westside North

WSS: Westside South

ESN: Eastside North

ESS: Eastside South

SSW: Southside West

SSE: Southside East

Location- Street: the street that the incident took place as reported to the 911 dispatcher or the officer initiating the incident.


What is the Daily Activity Log

The Daily Activity Log is a log of all incidents reported to the Elmira Police Department in a 24 hour period beginning at Midnight. Daily Activity Logs are made available shortly after the end of the 24 hour period for 15 days.

Click on the link below to view a Daily Activity Log for a given day.