Detective Bureau

Commanding Officer
A/Lt. Yuri Charlanow (607) 737-5611

Sgt. William Goodwin (607) 737-5617

Inv. Ronald Gunn (607) 737-5613
Inv. Robert Tropeano (607) 737-5618
Inv. Tom Marsh (607) 737-5612
Inv. Theron Brown (607) 737-5616

Administrative Assistant
Marie Little (607) 737-5610

What We Do

The Elmira Police Department Detective Bureau is tasked with the responsibility of several functions, most important of which is the follow-up of felony level cases and misdemeanor cases with special circumstances. The Detective Bureau also has the responsibility for maintaining criminal intelligence records, tracking and maintaining files pertaining to registered sex offenders living within the City of Elmira, evidence collection and processing, submissions of evidence to regional crime labs, and the collection of monies for local businesses that have received bad checks.

It is with a great deal of pride that I command the Detective Bureau. The position is a rewarding one because I work with a group of dedicated professionals who are committed to solving crimes and helping the victims of those crimes.

The Detective Bureau is made up of highly qualified team of Investigators and Supervisors who each possess unique skills and experiences that make them excellent investigators.

The Detective Bureau is also the home of the Chemung County Drug Enforcement Unit. These talented investigators work hand in hand with the New York State Police as well as other Police agencies in our community to combat the drug trade and the violence associated with illegal drugs.

In the Detective Bureau you will also find the Victim Services Unit as well as the City of Elmira Youth Court. This group of dedicated professionals is committed to aiding crime victims and keeping the children of our community on the straight and narrow path to success.

Acting Lieutenant Yuri Charlanow
Commanding Officer
Detective Bureau

Drug Enforcement Unit: Investigators assigned to the Chemung County Drug Enforcement Unit are primarily focused on drug investigations: collecting evidence, executing search warrants, and arresting suspects.

Youth Services: Investigators assigned to Youth Services investigate crimes committed against children and crimes committed by juveniles. School Resource Officers and the Youth Court are essential elements to the Youth Services Unit.

The Elmira Police Department will attempt to recover money lost from a transaction in which a bad check was issued. Anyone who completes a transaction in the City of Elmira that receives a rejected check from the bank marked ACCOUNT CLOSED OR INSUFFICIENT FUNDS may use this service. Bring the original rejected check to the Detective Bureau during normal business hours. The party who wrote the check will be sent a letter from the Elmira Police Department informing them of that they have 10 working days to contact the Elmira Police Department to arrange payment. If your loss is recovered, you will receive a check from the City of Elmira Chamberlain’s Office. If your loss is not recovered, you will need to go to the bank and request a Notice of Protest. Bring the Notice of Protest to the Detective Bureau and complete the required paperwork to initiate criminal charges. The Detective Bureau will forward the paperwork to the Elmira City Court and the court will issue a warrant or summons.

The Elmira Police Department disseminates information on registered sex offenders to the extent permitted by law. The law specifies that any entity receiving information on a sex offender may disclose or further disseminate such information at its discretion.

Fraud is everywhere! No matter where you go or what you do, someone is trying to scam you out of your own hard-earned money. Fraud can be very difficult to investigate and prosecute because it often crosses state and international borders or involves a dispute regarding agreed-upon terms with no formal contract. The best way to avoid fraud is to always remember the axiom: It it’s too good to be true, it probably is. Use these steps below to avoid fraud or report it if you become the victim of a fraud or scheme.

Internet fraud
Internet fraud is rampant through online auction sites, fake or misrepresented emails, or credit card phishing schemes. If you are purchasing something online, make sure you are getting what you pay for. Check the terms of purchase, shipping and handling charges and any additional fees with the seller prior to purchasing. If you are still uncomfortable, ask the seller for a phone number and discuss the terms with the seller over the phone. If the seller fails to respond to emails or phone calls, walk away.

If you believe you are the victim of Internet fraud and you are a resident of the City of Elmira, you need to contact the law enforcement agency in the jurisdiction of your perpetrator. The easiest way to do this is to submit a complaint to the Internet Fraud Complaint Center below. The IFCC notifies law enforcement agencies in the jurisdiction of the accused criminal.

If you are the victim of Internet fraud committed by a resident of the City of Elmira, submit a complaint to the Internet Crime Complaint Center. The will notify the Elmira Police Department and an investigation may be conducted regarding the circumstances of the crime. Please understand that online auction transactions are often a he said/she said dispute and may not be able to be resolved by the Police Department. We will do our best to investigate your case and determine a resolution. Please also understand that the “Elmira area” includes addresses that are outside the City of Elmira and the jurisdiction of the Elmira Police Department. In these cases, the Chemung County Sheriff’s Department may have been the agency notified by the

When submitting a complaint to the, provide as much detail as possible so the Police Department will be able to adequately investigate the case. Include in your complaint if you have receipts, email messages, phone logs, etc. Be prepared to be able to fax copies to the Elmira Police Department if they are necessary in the investigation and prosecution.
Click here to submit a complaint to the

Identity Theft
Identity Theft involves stealing personal information such as social security numbers, driver’s license numbers, credit card numbers, birth certificates, and passports. Identity thieves often use this information to open credit card accounts in your name, posing as you. They may obtain your checking information using forged identification or obtain a driver’s license in your name to provide proof when making transactions. These criminals can ruin your credit and destroy your financial security if you do not take precautions and monitor your financial and personal information.
Follow these tips to prevent Identity Theft

If you have become a victim of Identity Theft, contact your credit card company and your financial institutions and close your accounts. Put a password (other than your mother’s maiden name) on any new accounts that you open. Call the three major credit bureaus, Equifax, Experian, and Trans Union, and report your identity stolen. Have them place a fraud alert on your file and require that no credit be issued without your approval. Call the Social Security Fraud Hotline and report your identity stolen. Contact the Federal Trade Commission Theft Hotline and file an Identity Theft Report. File a report with the Police Department and obtain a copy of the police report in case you need proof of the crime for credit card companies and other creditors.

Equifax 1-800-525-6285
Experian 1-888-397-3742
Trans Union 1-800-680-7289
Social Security Fraud Hotline 1-800-269-0271
FTC Theft Hotline 1-877-438-4338

All of this and more information is thoroughly explained at the Federal Trade Commission’s ID Theft website
FTC’s Identity Theft Website

Telephone Fraud
Telephone Fraud may come in various ways. You may be told over the phone that you have won a prize but that you will need to pay taxes, shipping, handling, customs costs, etc. upfront before you receive the prize. You may receive a call from a charity requesting a donation, but the caller is unwilling to send you information on the charity. You maybe told this is a “once in a lifetime” offer that you cannot pass up. These are all cases of Telephone Fraud.

Current Fraud Scams
Below are specific fraud scams that the investigators from the Elmira Police Department have seen a rise in recently:

419 Scams: These scams involve some kind of cold contact by letter, fax, phone, or email from an individual. They often involve the victim providing a service for them whether it be providing money for a lawyer to free up a substantial inheritance or paying an upfront fee with the promise of a significant return. These scams often involve illegal transfers, money laundering, or counterfeit checks.
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The Chemung County Drug Enforcement Unit is a specialized unit dedicated to fighting the war on drugs in Chemung County. The DEU is composed of officers and investigators from the Elmira Police Department that work very closely with officers and investigators from the local law enforcement agencies, New York State Police, Drug Enforcement Agency, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. This collaboration of Law Enforcement professionals are dedicated to combating drug distribution and use throughout Chemung County.