Records Bureau

Office Hours:  Monday - Friday 7:30am- 3:00pm.  Closed on all Holidays

What We Do

The Elmira Police Department Records Bureau is responsible for the maintenance of all reports made to the Elmira Police Department, the processing of warrants issued by the City and County Courts, the storage and safekeeping of all evidence and property, the completion of criminal background checks, and the processing of FOIL requests for copies of police reports and records.
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CIVIL FINGERPRINTING is no longer done by the Elmira Police Department.  All fingerprints are done electronically through L-1 Identity Solutions.

Contact information for L-1 Identity Solutions is:

877-472-6915 or

The Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) allows an individual to request existing public records such as laws, budgets, reports, etc. from the agency responsible for maintaining those records. The City of Elmira has a designated Records Management Officer that is responsible for accepting and responding to FOIL requests.

To make a request for records under FOIL, use the Application for Public Access to Records online form to request records in an electronic or paper format or download and complete the Application for Public Access to Records hard copy form and return it to the City Clerk’s Office or fax it to (607) 737-5783.

Download FOIL Request Form

When you submit this form, FOIL allows the City five (5) business days to make the record available, deny access to the record with reason, or acknowledge receipt of your request and inform you of the time frame required to respond to your request.

FOIL Requests will only be fulfilled when a request has been submitted using the hard copy form or the electronic form.

Background Checks can be performed on an individual with their consent to confirm that there are no criminal records on file with the Elmira Police Department. This is an excellent tool for landlords, employers, organizations, etc.

To request a background check, download the Police Background Check Form. Have the person consenting to a background check complete the top portion. Complete the middle section and return to the Elmira Police Department Records Bureau at 312 Lake St. Elmira, New York or fax to (607) 737-5783.

***Consent must include a copy of the consenting persons picture ID***

When the background check is complete, you will be notified and you will have to pick up the results at the Elmira Police Department. You must bring current identification with you and the fee for the background check. The fee is $25.00.

Download the Police Background Check Form

Property Recovery

The Elmira Police Department Records Bureau is responsible for the storage and safekeeping of property. If your property was stolen and then recovered by the Elmira Police Department, the Records Bureau does not have the authority to release it back to you without approval from the District Attorney and/or the Detective Bureau. The District Attorney or the Detective Bureau may need your property for evidence in a case. The defendant in the case also has legal access to your property if it is evidence that is going to be used against him in court. Once the District Attorney and/or the Detective Bureau have cleared your property for release, you should go to the Elmira Police Department Records Bureau. Tell the clerk that you are here to recover property. You will need to bring identification and in some cases proof of ownership. If the claimant is a juvenile, the claimant will also need to be escorted by a parent or guardian. If the property being recovered is a weapon, the Deputy Chief of Police must also review the case before the property can be released.