Drug Enforcement

What We Do

The Chemung County Drug Enforcement Unit is a specialized unit dedicated to fighting the war on drugs in Chemung County. The DEU is composed of officers and investigators from the Elmira Police Department that work very closely with officers and investigators from the local law enforcement agencies, New York State Police, Drug Enforcement Agency, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. This collaboration of Law Enforcement professionals are dedicated to combating drug distribution and use throughout Chemung County.

If you see suspicious activity in your neighborhood, report it immediately. You can call 271-HALT (271-4258). The DEU uses this information to build a case against the criminal elements that are creeping into Elmira neighborhoods.

You can also contact the DEU by email

All information that is provided will receive follow-up, however, due to the nature of these investigations, results may not be immediately disclosed. Any and all information provided by citizens is extremely valuable and assists the Drug Enforcement Unit with building a strong case against drug dealers, resulting in an arrest and prosecution.

Most of the drugs in Chemung County come from larger surrounding such as Rochester, Syracuse, Buffalo, and New York City. Many of our dealers also come from these cities to sell in Elmira because there is less competition and a higher profit. Drug trends that appear in the larger cities such as Rochester usually appear in Chemung County within six months to a year.

Cocaine/Crack Cocaine: Cocaine and Crack Cocaine are the dominant drugs in the area. Many of the crimes in Elmira can be directly or indirectly tied into the use or sale of Cocaine and Crack Cocaine. Cocaine and Crack Cocaine is the drug of choice by street level dealers due to the increasing demand throughout the Twin Tier region.


Methamphetamines/Meth Labs: The methamphetamine problem in the region seems to have leveled off temporarily due to increased pressure applied by law enforcement agencies and region task forces. Methamphetamine will most likely be the drug problem of the future unless law enforcement is given the tools needed to stop its growth.



Marijuana: Marijuana is widely used in the area and remains consistent. Marijuana use and sale is seen as a less serious crime, but it still continues to be a lucrative business that law enforcement takes very seriously. Everyday use of marijuana also serves as a gateway drug to individuals who contribute to the demand of other more serious drugs.

Others Drugs: Designer drugs such as Ecstasy (MDMA) and LSD seem to rise and fall and are directly affected by the local supply and demand. Heroin is also present in our community but the demand for this drug is not as prevalent as others.

Prescription Drugs:  Prescription drugs are one of the least talked about but highly abused drug of choice.  Suspicions that someone is abusing prescription drugs, going to different doctors for the same prescriptions, or forging prescriptions should be reported to the Police immediately.   Parents should keep track of the prescriptions in their residence and seek help for any teenage or young adult they suspect may be abusing them.

Could one of your loved ones be using and abusing illegal drugs?

Could the ammonia smell coming from next door be a meth lab?

Are your tenants manufacturing illegal drugs in your apartment?

These Fast Fact brochures are provided to you by the Elmira Police Department and the National Drug Intelligence Center to help you identify the signs of drug use and abuse:

Fast Facts: Crack Cocaine
Fast Facts: Drug Abuse and Mental Illness
Fast Facts: Drug Facilitated Sexual Assault
Fast Facts: Heroin
Fast Facts: Inhalants
Fast Facts: Marijuana
Fast Facts: Meth Labs Identification and Hazards
Fast Facts: Methamphetamines
Fast Facts: Powdered Cocaine
Fast Facts: Ritalin
Fast Facts Rohypnol (Date Rape Drug)

If you suspect use or abuse in your neighborhood- Report it!

If you suspect one of your loved ones is fighting an addiction- get help right away before he or she is sitting in jail or worse yet- in a coffin.

For drug counseling and rehabilitation assistance, contact Trinity of Chemung County to get information about treatment, counseling, and other services available in Chemung County.

To contact Trinity, call;

(607)737-5215  for treatment,
(607)737-5218 for information and prevention education materials, or
(607)737-5215 for the Drinking Driver Program (DDP).

Trinity brochure

DDP (Trinity) Brochure

You can also walk into their offices located at 150 Lake St. Elmira, NY  14901.
The office is open Monday through Thursday from 8:00am to 6:00pm and Friday 8:00am to 4:00pm.

As long as there are users of drugs, there will be manufacturers and distributors of drugs infiltrating your neighborhoods and affecting your quality of life and personal safety. In areas with the manufacture, distribution, and use of illegal drugs, there is ALWAYS an increase in violent crime including homicides, assaults, robberies, larcenies, and burglaries.

The only way to make neighborhoods safe is to remove drugs- PERMANENTLY.