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2021 City Purchasing Policy

The Chemung County/City of Elmira Purchasing Department is a multi-functional department, however its primary function for the City is to direct the efficient, legal, and cost effective procurement of goods and services for all city departments. The Purchasing Department is also responsible for the negotiation and oversight of all city utility and communication contracts. Another area of responsibility is the management of a central store facility to provide for the constant replenishment of office supplies, paper, and printer supplies for all city departments.

The Purchasing Department solicits bids and requests for quotes and proposals for a multitude of materials, contracts, and professional services.


Here are examples of the types of commodities and services purchased by the City of Elmira:

  • Office supplies and equipment
  • Computer equipment
  • Furniture
  • Janitorial supplies
  • Public works contracts (street reconstruction, sidewalk and curb construction, paving, tree planting and removal, parking garage maintenance and repair, equipment rental, etc.)
  • Street repair and maintenance materials (asphalt, street striping, salt, sand, gravel, granite and concrete curb)
  • Building contracts (HVAC, Electrical, building repair and construction,)
  • Building demolition and asbestos removal
  • Parks equipment (playground equipment, bleachers, chemicals and fertilizers, ground cover material)
  • Golf course equipment and services (golf car lease, chemicals, sand, fertilizers, cart path paving, irrigation systems and equipment, mowing equipment)
  • Traffic signals and street lights
  • Communications equipment (land and cellular telephones, land and mobile communications)
  • Fire equipment (safety supplies, fire-retardant clothing, helmets, boots, self-contained breathing apparatus, hazmat supplies, radios)
  • Police equipment (uniforms, vehicles, communications equipment, ammunition, fire arms)


Competitive bids are required for the purchase of a commodity totaling $10,000.00 or more in a single calendar year. The threshold for public works and building services is $20,000.00 in one calendar year. Bids are advertised in the Elmira Star-Gazette and on the GovBid website. Bids are published a minimum of five days prior to the due date. Typically, bids are advertised at least ten business days prior to the bid opening, and for large public work contracts, it is not unusual to advertise four weeks in advance. The bid advertisement contains information as to the nature of the bid, bid deposit requirements, due date and time, and where to obtain bid documents (including phone, fax, and address of the agency). It is normal procedure to require a $50.00 deposit to purchase the contract documents for a large public works bid.

The City disposes of surplus equipment and other property on a continuous basis through an online auction or at a public auction.

Smaller items such as computers, printers, desks, and police property are typically made available to bid on propertyroom.com.

Larger items such as vehicles and equipment are typically disposed of at a public auction held for the City or the City and County combined, usually once a year. Attendees are normally allowed into the facility approximately one hour prior to the beginning of the auction. All items are sold “AS IS – WHERE IS” with no guarantee, either expressed or implied. A complete list of items to be sold can be provided by the City’s professional auctioneer, Scherrer Auction Service.
Click here for information from Scherrer Auctions.