Traffic and Signage

The Application for Traffic Coordinating Board Review is used to express concerns about traffic, parking, or signage, request street closings, and receive approval for special curb cuts. Requests and concerns may be directed to other City departments before being reviewed by the Traffic Coordinating Board.

Traffic Coordinating Board Review Application

The Highway Environment or Crossing Sign Application is completed to request a highway environment sign that alerts motorists to a special condition that requires caution. Highway environment signs include: pedestrian crossing, handicapped crossing, bicycle crossing, snowmobile crossing, farm vehicle crossing, domestic animal crossing, deer crossing, horsedrawn vehicle area, children at play area, deaf child area, blind child area, low flying plane area, and more.

Application for Highway Environment or Crossing Sign

The Multi-way Stop Sign Control Application is used to request a multi-way stop sign or flasher at an intersection. Intersections must meet specific criteria before it can be considered for a multi-way stop sign. See the application for more information.

Multi-Way Stop Sign Application

The Application for a Special Hauling Permit is used to gain permission to travel over City roadways with an over-sized load. This includes over-width, over-height, and over-weight vehicles. Permittees may be required to obtain an engineering certification for travel over certain facilities, including bridges. Fees apply, and will vary with needs. Permittees should obtain State permits prior to applying for City permits.

Questions may be directed to the Department of Public Works at (607) 737-5750. Return this application to the Department of Public Works Administration Office at 840 Linden Place Ext. during office hours: Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 4:00pm.

Special Hauling Permit Application