Lead Hazard Control Program


Lead Hazard Control Grant: Application and Eligibility

The City of Elmira is excited to announce that $1.3 million Lead Hazard Control Grant (LHCG) has been received from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) for the purpose of removing lead and other health hazards in housing built before 1978 where children under 6 and pregnant women reside. Improvements made to homes often include items such as new windows, doors, interior and exterior paint, etc. Please read the information below to find out how to get your home on the list for this exciting program!

Homes built before 1978 often have lead paint on interior and exterior surfaces. Deteriorated lead paint and lead paint dust can pose a serious health hazard to children younger than six. Even small amounts of lead dust can poison a child which can affect children’s bloodstream, can affect brain development and cause a wide range of symptoms from headaches and stomach pain to behavioral problems and anemia. Pregnant women can suffer complications during pregnancy in addition to adverse pre-natal effect on a child’s development.

                   Before                                          After



  • 1. Own or live in a home/apartment built before 1978 in the City of Elmira.
  • 2. Have at least one child less-than 6 years of age that either resides there or visits the house on a regular and frequent basis. *(such as two-3 hour visits per week or 60 hours per year)
  • 3. For grants made to assist rental housing, at least 50% of the units must be occupied by or made available to families with incomes <50% Median Family Income (MFI) and the remaining units must be occupied or made available to families with incomes <80% of MFI, and in all cases the property owner will give priority in renting units, for not less than 3 years following the completion of Leads Hazard Control, to low income families with a child under the age of six.
  • 4. For grants made to assist owner-occupants, all units will be the principal residence of families with income <80% of MFI where a child under the age of six resides or visits the property for at least six hours a week.
  • 5. Owner must have property insurance
  • 6. Owner must be current on mortgage, taxes, and any financial obligations that is due to the City of Elmira.
  • 7. Landlords are required to contribute 10% of the project cost prior to the start of the remediation work.
    Family Size 50% AMI (Very Low) 80% AMI (Low)
    1 Person $24,500 $39,200
    2 Persons $28,000 $44,800
    3 Persons $31,500 $50,400
    4 Persons $35,000 $56,000
    5 Persons $37,800 $60,500
    6 Persons $40,600 $65,000
    7 Persons $43,400 $69,450
    8 Persons $46,200 $73,950

*Income Limits are set annually by the Department of Housing and Urban Development. These limits are effective June 1, 2021.

Are you interested in taking part in the City of Elmira’s Lead Hazard Control Program? Getting started is easy! Please fill out the appropriate application and return to the Department of Community Development.

Application for Homeowner/Property Owner

Application for Tenant



The City of Elmira’s Lead-Based Paint Hazard Control Program is a federally funded grant program. Elmira has been awarded financial assistance for the Department of Housing and Urban Development to help eligible grantees with no expectation that the funds will be paid back. Once you submit an application and supporting documents the staff will review and verify to determine eligibility.

The City of Elmira Lead-Based Paint Hazard Control Program Manager conducts a site visit and develops a scope of work for the home. The Program Manager will conduct testing to find all possible lead hazards in the property. The results from the site visit will show contractors where the lead hazards are located throughout the property and determine the level of effort necessary. This will allow the contractors to understand what work needs to be completed on the property. Work will begin within 30 days after the scope of work has been approved.

Once the risk assessment and scope of work is completed by the Program Manager and approved by the Program Director, the residents of the property may need to be relocated for up to a 10-day period while rehabilitation takes place. Landlords will need to participate in the relocation process.

A certified lead abatement contractor will be selected to fix all lead hazards in you home. The furnishings and belongings in the work area will be protected or relocated prior to the start of work. The work areas will be prepared to prevent the migration of dust and construction debris using plastic sheeting. Once the lead areas are treated, then a specialized cleaning is performed by the contractor.

Clearance of the work area is performed by a state certified lead paint inspector or risk assessor. Copies of lead testing, scope of work, Certificate of Clearance, and Contractor Copies of the report are shared with the owner and tenant.

City of Elmira Lead Safe Housing Registry

The City of Elmira Lead-Safe Housing Registry is provided to inform the renting community of housing units that have been cleared of lead-based paint hazards. The rental units are made available for families with a pregnant woman or a child under age 6 living in the house.  The following units were determined to be lead-safe following their participation in the Lead Hazard Reduction Program Grant (January 2020-January 2022) funded by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development's Office of Healthy Homes and Lead Hazard Control.

Important Advisories:

The units listed below were deemed lead-safe based on a lead evaluation on the date shown. "Lead-safe" means that there was no deteriorated lead-based paint, no lead-contaminated dust, and no exposed lead-contaminated soil identified at the time of the lead evaluation. This does not mean the property is "lead-free."

This list does not mean that the units listed are vacant or available at this time. Other units at a given property that are not listed here may or may not be lead-safe. The City of Elmira makes no warranties as to the current condition of the property, nor is the City of Elmira endorsing or recommended these units for occupancy. Normal deterioration or activities of the owner, tenant, or others may have created lead hazards since the lead evaluation date.


Street Address                               Unit #              # Bedrooms      Year Built          Clearance Date
 455 W. Water St.  B  1  1960  10/15/20
 616 Winsor Ave.  A    B  3    1  1880  8/28/20
 403 W. First St.  1    2  3    2  1900  10/30/20
 1056 Walnut St.  1    3    4  1    2    1  1900  9/16/20