Adopt-A-Park Program

Who qualifies to Adopt-A-Park?

Local service clubs, sports teams, youth organizations, schools, churches, businesses, families, friends and anyone interested in helping to revitalize the city parks are all welcome and encouraged to adopt a park.

Youth organizations are required to have at least one adult supervisor while working at their adopted park.

Tasks for adoptive groups may vary slightly depending on the park facility but may include such items as:

  • Picking up litter
  • Sweeping courts and pathways
  • Brush collection
  • Painting/ graffiti removal
  • Clean and rake playground areas
  • Planting (with prior approval)
  • Report vandalism, unsafe conditions, poor lighting and unlawful activity
  • Complete the Adopt-A-Park Request form prior to doing work
  • Fundraising for new amenities

Adoptive groups are not expected to mow grass, trim vegetation, clean restrooms or perform major repairs or maintenance.

Adoptive groups are encouraged to work with the Department of Public Works to make suggestions to improve parks and to seek out and find donors or funding sources for park improvements.

Adoptive groups are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to take pride in your work and the difference that you are making in your community.

Adoptive organizations are asked to furnish all the supplies they are capable of, the Department of Public Works will furnish the remainder.

Suggested items needed:

  • Trash bags and gloves
  • Brooms and dust pans
  • Rakes
  • Painting materials and masks

Yes, groups are encouraged to select a park near members’ homes, schools, businesses or meeting places. Larger parks might benefit by being adopted by more than one organization. Requests for a specific park will be granted whenever possible, but cannot be guaranteed.

In addition to clean, safe parks and a sense of pride in serving the community, groups will be recognized by the adoption signs posted at your park and on the City of Elmira website.

Fill out the application below and return by mail or fax to Community Development. If you have questions, you can contact the department by calling (607) 737-5691.

Resources for the Adopt-A-Park Program

Application to Adopt-A-Park

Volunteer Release Waivermust be completed by every member of your group

  • Before starting any work for the Adopt-A-Park Program, please have your group leader complete the Adopt-A-Park Request Form and submit it for approval from Community Development. You can also use this form to report problems at the park that you discover while taking care of the park.