Permits and Applications Fees

Note that permit fees are variable based on the complexity of the job, cost of the job, location of the job and several other factors that will contribute to additional permit fees due to a plan review, additional inspections, or the use of specialized materials. These fees are a guide and should not be considered absolute. Permit fees are subject to change. The decision of the Fire Marshall and Superintendent of Buildings is binding and final.

The information herein is subject to change and does not supersede that of the City of Elmira Code of Ordinances, Zoning Ordinances, New York State Building Laws or the decisions of the Superintendent of Buildings, Elmira City Council or any other City, County, State, or Federal Official.


ALWAYS Call before you dig: 1-800-962-7962

General Excavation & Utility Permits (based on the age of the road)

Road paved less than 1 year ago $450.00
Road paved less than 2 years ago $405.00
Road paved less than 3 years ago $360.00
Road paved less than 4 years ago $315.00
Road paved less than 5 years ago $270.00
Road paved less than 6 years ago $225.00
Road paved less than 7 years ago $180.00
Road paved less than 8 years ago $135.00
Road paved less than 9 years ago $90.00
Road paved more than 9 years ago $45.00
Any other pavement/road $35.00
Lawn area $60.00

Curb Cut Permit

Granite/Stone Curb $7.00 per square foot
Concrete Curb $5.00 per square foot
Blacktop Curb $1.50 per square foot

Sidewalk Permit

0 to 20 feet No cost
21 to 100 feet $35.00
More than 100 feet $50.00

Sewer Cap Off Permit

Behind Sidewalk No cost
In City right-of-way $25.00

Other permits may be required from the following organizations

  • Chemung County Sewer District: (607) 733-2887
  • Chemung County Health Department: (607) 737-2028
  • Elmira Water Board: (607) 733-9179