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Flooding – Are You Prepared?

Elmira is subject to flooding from the following sources: the Chemung River, Newtown Creek, Diven Creek, Hoffman Creek, Heller Creek, and various storm drainage systems, both open and closed.

Elmira has experienced flooding in 1889, 1902, 1935, 1936, 1946, and most recently in 1972. Many blame the massive destruction of the 1972 flood on inadequate warnings and insufficient information on dealing with flood problems for the general public. During June 22nd and 23rd, 1972, a total of 6.85 inches of rain fell. The community was unprepared to deal with the situation as readily as needed. Since that time, many steps have been implemented by the Federal, State, and local governments to minimize the risk of such an event in the future.

The City is a voluntary participant in the Federal Emergency Management Agency CRS program, providing services and programs aimed at reducing the risk of flooding in the City. This program resulted in 118 properties being removed from the flood plain and saves city residents and businesses who purchase flood insurance 10% on their annual premiums.

As a part of this process, a pamphlet was developed to inform property-owners and residents how to be better prepared in case of a flood and what to do when it occurs. This pamphlet is meant to assist you on the types of services available and the steps you can take to protect your property, its contents and the lives of your family.

Flooding: Are You Prepared?


This pamphlet was prepared by the Department of Public Works and the Office of Community Development with the assistance of Inspection Services and several other county and regional agencies.

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