Underpass Clearances

Underpass Clearances

All trucks traveling through the City of Elmira over 10,000 pounds are required to use the designated Truck Routes through the city according to local ordinance.
Click here for the Ordinance of the Designated Truck Routes

Special Hauling permits are required for trucks with an oversized load. This includes over-width, over-height, and over-weight vehicles.

The Application for a Special Hauling Permit is used to gain permission to travel over City roadways with an over-sized load. This includes over-width, over-height, and over-weight vehicles. Permittees may be required to obtain an engineering certification for travel over certain facilities, including bridges. Fees apply, and will vary with needs. Permittees should obtain State permits prior to applying for City permits.

Questions may be directed to the Department of Public Works at (607) 737-5750. Return this application to the Department of Public Works Administration Office at 840 Linden Place Ext. during office hours: Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 4:00pm.

Special Hauling Permit Application

City of Elmira Truck Route Ordinance

Underpass clearances are provided for vehicles traveling within the City of Elmira. Actual clearance may be slightly greater than indicated but never less than indicated. Vehicles exceeding the clearance below are advised to seek an alternate route.

 Street  From  To  Clearance
 E Church St  Railroad Ave  Clemens Center  13’7″
 Clemens Center  Lake Ave  South Ave  13’2″
 E Fifth St  Conrail  Hatch St  11’11”
 E Gray St  Railroad Ave  Clemens Center  12’3″
 Home St  Conrail  Junction St  12’9″
 E Hudson St  Conrail  Clemens Center  11’8″
 Lake St  E Fifth St  Conrail  11’9″
 Madison Ave  E Fifth St  Harper St  12’9″
 S Main St  W Miller St  O’Gorman  14’8″
 E Miller St  Conrail  Junction St  11’8″
 Pennsylvania Ave  Erie St  Boardman St  13’8″
 E Second St  Railroad Ave  Clemens Center  12’10”
 South Ave  Keefe St  Conrail  14’4″
 Sullivan St  E Clinton St  Conrail  13’5″
 E Washington Ave  Clemens Center  Conrail  13’6″
 E Water St  Conrail  Clemens Center  13’3″
 Westside Ave  Eldridge Park Rd  College Ave  9’2″