Corey Cooke

City Council
Title: Second District Councilmember
Phone: 607-737-5644
Additional Phone: 607-302-0851
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Honesty and Service are central to my identity, and it is important for me to call attention to the difference I bring to our beloved Elmira.

I am not a politician. I am not a Native New Yorker. I am not traditionally qualified. I am Pastor Corey Cooke, a Southern California Native and uniquely qualified in the areas of service. I honor every position of service I have held, and this honor of representing the 2nd District of Elmira is no different.

When I was asked to consider this role, I sought counsel, asked questions, considered the impact this would have on my family and my career, and took time to evaluate and assess the potential impact I could have. In my experience, I've learned it's easy to say yes, but it is harder to say no. Ultimately, I had to consider if I could contribute to the needs of our community in collaboration with other leaders to do right by the city of Elmira. I questioned, whether I would have the capacity, drive, and passion to serve this district with respect, joy, and effectiveness. The answer was yes then, is yes today, and will remain yes tomorrow

I care about our small businesses, our enterprises, our schools, our culture, our history, our future, our children, our veterans, our spiritual gathering places, our leaders, and our constituents. I look forward to the good, hard, meaningful work ahead and consider it an honor to represent every community member within our district. I believe that our differences beautifully unite us.

As we prepare to journey together in our investment in our community, I encourage each of you to think about ways to contribute. I can go fast alone, but we can go further together. Join me in service to our district

Please, do not hesitate to connect with me. I am accessible, excited, and eager to hear from you, learn from you, represent you, and serve you. My name is Corey Cooke, and I am not a politician; however, I am prepared, equipped, and qualified to lead our district from a position of service. I look forward to working alongside each of you as we all actively contribute and invest in our community.

Corey Cooke
Second District Councilmember


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